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The East Asian Bureau of Economic Research is a forum for high-quality economic research focussing on issues facing the economies of East Asia. It comprises representatives from Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. The rapid development of the East Asian economies, the growth of intra-regional trade, financial and other economic interaction, and East Asia's new role in the global economy all underline the need for access to a vastly increased range of quality economic analysis on East Asia.

EABER-SABER Newsletter

June, 2018
M Chatib Basri
The intention of the US Federal Reserve to accelerate the interest rate hike due to higher inflation and a widening US budget deficit has triggered capital outflows from emerging markets to the United States. As a result, emerging market currency exchange rates have weakened dramatically and stock and bond markets have been hard hit.
M Chatib Basri is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Indonesia and formerly Indonesia’s minister of finance.

Recent Papers

Name Author Date published
South Korea: Perspectives, Trends and Insights Peter Drysdale, Adam Triggs November 2017
Understanding China's Politics, Economic Policy Makers, and Policy Making Under Xi Jinping Dong Dong Zhang November 2017
Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements: Detangling the Noodle/Spaghetti Bowl Paul Gretton June 2017
Report on 2015 China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Survey Results: An Australian Perspective Jingyi Li March 2017
(562) 696-9193 Peter Drysdale, Dong Dong Zhang, in association with CCIEE February 2017
The Future of China's Economic Transformation and India’s Economic Strategies Peter Drysdale, Shiro Armstrong, Paul Hubbard, Neil Thomas, Dong Dong Zhang December 2016
4018859349 Dong Dong Zhang December 2016
(240) 552-9827 Andrew Elek December 2016
(252) 793-7871 Peter Drysdale, ANU, and Zhang Xiaoqiang, CCIEE August 2016
2148988976 Yu Sheng July 2016
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