Who We Are

When you require help in selecting the right cloud for your business, BlazeNext will be your perfect guide. BlazeNext assists you to overcomes the challenges for shaping up your business operations.

We have a complete suite of custom cloud solution products, conventionally built for various industries. To support the quality of service BlazeNext team consists of industry professionals with years of experience and expertise to evaluate multiple cloud products and recommend the best-in-class solutions.


Every business has specific objective to control cost, achieve scale and to do so within the allocated resources. Blazenext provides products along with technical expertise to support, or completely plan, architect, migrate and operate Cloud computing environments.

Our cloud computing solutions are assembled on the 1000s of environment available from our partner providers. Our goal is to enable you to achieve maximum benefits while minimizing cost and the minimal effort to get there.

Leverage our cloud proficiency to deploy highly available applications.

CloudOps Platform – Professional Services

E2E Networks CloudOps is a platform that is derived from distilled processes learned over a period of almost a decade from the customers pain points. E2E refines the existing cloud processes munching on certain less productive resources.

Infrastructure Solutions – Deploy & manage with ease

BlazeNext offers dedicated compute in India for enterprises and web centric workloads. We provide solution that gives you unparalleled configuration, flexibility, scalability & ultimate performance.

Cloud Solutions – Fast, Scalable & Affordable

BlazeNext provides solutions & technologies that are automatic, flexible and accessible. Whether you’re an IT manager, developer or entrepreneur, BlazeNext best fits your specifications and needs.

GPU Instances – GPUs in the Cloud

Get GPU instances exactly as per your requirements, cost-effective and high-performance alternatives to traditional CPUs for parallel computing. Suitable for Scientists, artists, and engineers for massive parallel cloud compute power.

Storage & Backup

An easy-to-use service that enables you to store, backup and archive large amounts of data on the cloud. Get up to 99.9% availability of your backups and pay only for the usage of storage space and the amount of backup data.

Network & Security

Safeguard your data and applications from attacks, and vulnerabilities with increased visibility and control over cloud security measures.

Why Choose Us

Cloud Agnostic Setup

Being dependent on the legacy cloud or locked with a vendor in a quick changing technology scenario can make significant slowdowns for your business. BlazeNext creates a Cloud Agnostic setup for your business which enables you to seamlessly switch across 2000+ public clouds.

Cloud for Every Business

BlazeNext helps you to recognize the best cloud solution available for your business. We help you get the right resources with respect to the requirement. We assist in providing services that will help our clients to reach their strategic growth goals and achieve transformation.

Proven Cost Savings

Setting up a cloud with limited Financial capabilities is a tedious task. BlazeNext guarantees that you get the best price to performance ratio with a cloud suited for your business requirements.

Reduce risk 

BlazeNext aids you to reduce risk by identifying the common problems that might impact your cloud such as governance, security, compliance, and cost overruns. Blazenext minimizes the chances of risk or failure.

How We Work

BlazeNext success lies in its commitment to consecutively overcome the challenges with skills and expertise, and in identifying strongly with their outcome.

We know that things change with respect to time and we strive to constantly adapt and adopt the latest technologies.

We always strive to augment value and are pro-active in solving difficulties.