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    Image for article: Maryland Watermelon Season!
    It’s watermelon season! To pick the juiciest, sweetest melon, look for firm melons that smell sweet on the ends. A single yellow splotch is a sign of ripeness, but avoid melons with many splotches. Local watermelons tend to be sweeter and fresher than imports. Watermelon stored in a refrigerator can last for several weeks. When […]

    The 2018 Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail

    Image for article: The 2018 Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail
    Maryland has nine dairy farms that offer fresh, delicious on-farm ice cream. Together, they make up the Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail. Visit each creamery and get your trail passport stamped before September 25th and you may be named Maryland’s 2018 Ice Cream Trail Blazer! 2018 MD’s Best Ice Cream Trail Passport

    Maryland’s Best Seafood seeks Blue Catfish recipes!

    Image for article: Maryland’s Best Seafood seeks Blue Catfish recipes!
    Maryland’s Best Seafood—a program within the Maryland Department of Agriculture—is soliciting blue catfish recipes for inclusion in its upcoming Maryland Seafood Cookbook. The program is promoting the consumption of this tasty invasive species in an effort to mitigate its impact on other Chesapeake Bay mainstays like blue crab, rockfish and oysters. Recipes will be compiled […]


    Image for article: Choose Maryland Oysters
    One of our most intriguing foods, oysters are like fine wine, its flavor a mirror of its habitat. Move a grapevine, you get a different wine. Oysters are same. Maryland oysters are sweet and delicate A result of merroir, the content and characteristics of the sea in which it grows, the Chesapeake haunts every slurp […]


    To download a pdf version of the 2018 Maryland’s Best Food & Beverage Expo Directory, please select the link below. 2018 Maryland’s Best Expo Directory

    Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program

    Image for article: Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program
    The Farmers Market Nutrition Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture supplemental nutritional grant and provides checks to low income senior citizens and participants of the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program. Theses checks can be redeemed to purchase fresh fruit, vegetables, and cut herbs at local farmers markets.   Find the nearest […]


    Image for article: Maryland Fruit and Vegetable Seasonality Guide
    From Cucumbers, watermelons, and apples to strawberries and sprouts, Maryland farmers produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Check out the link below for fruit and vegetable seasonality guides to find when your favorite produce is in season. Maryland Fruit and Vegetable Seasonality Charts  

    Homegrown By Heroes

    Image for article: Homegrown By Heroes
    The Maryland Department of Agriculture in partnership with the Farmer Veteran Coalition and MidAtlantic Farm Credit are pleased to announce the Maryland’s Best – Homegrown By Heroes Program. The purpose of this program is to support Maryland veteran farmers by branding products with the Maryland’s Best – Homegrown By Heroes logo and offering assistance through other […]