Fratex Incorporated operates on the principle of maximizing the total recoverable reserves from any reservoir by applying new and proprietary methodologies and technologies for exploitation.  We offer a range of technologies and reservoir managements systems that can suit your operational needs.



Our management and directors have over 90 years of experience in oil and gas industry, specializing in technology, commercialization, operations, and development.


Fratex is capable of licensing and leasing its solutions for your global operations to help you recover more of your reserves.



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A New Approach To Reservoir Exploitation

Reservoir Characterization

Identify Underproduced Reserves


Identify reserves generally thought to be uneconomical to produce with conventional drilling, completion, and production methods.

Drilling Methodology

Maintain Reservoir Integrity


Avoid reservoir damage, gather valuable data, and save on costs.

Exploitation Technology

Produce Bypassed Reserves


Access and produce traditionally bypassed reserves, helping contribute to the overall production.

Reservoir Management

Sustained Production


Produce at a low GOR, maintaining reservoir pressure, reducing depletion and increasing total recovery.

We Have The Solutions To Your Reservoir Exploitation Needs

Access More Reserves, Produce More Reserves, Book More Reserves.


We are ready to help you get more from your reservoir.


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