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On my journeys throughout the world, I have witnessed first hand the very real poverty and suffering of our fellow men, women, and children. Transformed by these experiences,  I am doing what I can to help alleviate the crisis of these people and friends that I have met along the way.

To that end, I have been active with World Vision and am now one of their ambassadors. I take sponsorship of children very seriously and know what can be achieved first-hand. At last count I am sponsoring 12 children myself and I plan to continually add to what my daughter calls my ‘village’.

I invite you to explore the website. My goal is to motivate the sponsorship of as many of God’s children as is possible. The price is minuscule; the rewards are immeasurable.

To help raise money for World Vision, I am making available the sales of my books. The profits from these sales go directly to World Vision programs.

The Journeys

Join me on my ventures across every continent of this great planet.

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The Fiction

This collection offers something for everyone.

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