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He looked down at the valley below.


I'm having trouble reading the letters on the monitor.

She was advised by him on how to stay healthy.

Jean-Pierre died with a knife in his back.

Real has a cough.

Elias kept his balance.

We tried to save them.

His story is strange, but it's believable.


I want to buy a cheap dictionary.

George is like a sister to me.

I know you want to be happy.

I don't want to know about this.

Whoever stole the money should be caught, made to pay it back, and go to jail.


What's it sound like?

Toerless and I are kind of busy right now.

Nobody told me what he wrote in that letter.


We agreed to the plan without qualification.


Rex drank his soda.

The population of London is much greater than that of any other British city.

You'll find yourself in a miserable situation.

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Svante advised Ramsey to go to the hospital.

That's why we didn't tell him.

A good pair of glasses will help you to read.

No one is speaking.

She rolled her eyes.

Don't tell me to mellow out.

That's exactly how I feel.


Dan didn't even pay the bill.


I used to like walking in the rain when I was a child.


What should I do about them?

In many countries, being gay is a cause for imprisonment.

The glass ceiling refers to an invisible barrier that keeps women and minorities from reaching the top of the corporate ladder.

How many years have you been married?

Ken is busy now, isn't he?


I took it for granted that you would come to my party.

Individuality is very important in the West.

Ramanan became irritated.

I bought a pair of shoes.

Enjoy yourselves.

Damone doesn't have to do it.

I guess somebody didn't want you to do that again.


The nurses must see to the comfort of their patients.

My answer is yes.

They have also found that the same miscalculation was made in some other cases.

No one is saved from death.

Russell won't talk about that.


What a lovely garden!

He threatened to take everything I own.

He sat at the edge of the stream.

You don't know the half of it.

The news came out of the blue.

He's always clowning in class.

He tried to bring the argument to an end.

Write in the date yourself.

His wife is quite a talented woman.

Did you get a good look at his face?

I wrote that for him.

I'd like some tea, please.

I told Cary to go.

I didn't see Nguyen at all yesterday.

What is that, Tarmi? It sounds like someone crying.

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I thought you'd be in Boston by now.

I'm sure you're aware that you'll be the only one there who can't speak French.

The police went over every inch of this place.

In case of an emergency, dial 110.

Louiqa intends to do that.

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Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.

He grew up in small towns in Texas.

Hsuan understands your position.

Who wants to come with me to see "Thor"?

This film is for children.


Contact him.

The value of the dollar declines as the rate of inflation rises.

I'll let Sharan know when we'll arrive.


The soldier took shelter in the foxhole.

Could you give me change out of a hundred-dollar bill?

I'm not sure what's wrong with Merril's computer.


It turned out to be a lovely day.

I like sweets.

You should be more patient.

If you don't help me, I won't be able to do it.

Maria was bedridden. The only contact she had with the outside world was via the TV broadcasts.

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He has an evil countenance.

As there are many absentees because of the flu, we were told that from tomorrow the classes will be temporary closed for 3 days.

If I knew her name and address, I could write to her.

I didn't know how to do that.

That's for you to do.

Winston stuck a poster on the wall.

Mark in red anything you don't understand and ask about it in class.


Many a man has lost his life at sea.

Bernie left the matter entirely in Bill's hands.

They entered cautiously.

Please write down your home address.

Maybe I know this person!

How many colors do you see in the rainbow?

The end does not necessarily justify the means.

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The bus went past the bus stop.

Someone called her.

Has Claire told Pradeep who his grandfather is?


You must give up the idea that you are superior to them in every respect.

But I don't want to escape, I want to see Italy.

She's nothing but trouble.


I had my purse and commuter ticket stolen while I was sleeping in the train.


Terrence had a knife.


You left me no choice.

Children, fools and drunkards tell the truth.

It almost never snows here.


Will you give Bradford this envelope?

It's too late to shut the barn door after the horse has already gotten out.

We observed osmosis in today's science experiment.

Philip and Paola have found something.

Urdu is our mother tongue.


My name is Robert, but everyone calls me Bob.


The hair dresser is cutting the hair with scissors.

Therefore, a center for the development of human resources should be built in Japan.

English is spoken around the world.

I hope Cristopher likes the gift we bought him.

Are there any good movies being shown this week?

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Have any of you read that book?

Which city is the one closest to Barcelona?

The bridge is still under construction.

That stuff is poison.

He never listens to what I am trying to say.

I'm really looking forward to going to the beach with Cristi.

It was a foul play.

Afghans need our support to develop their economy and to help them reconstruct their nation.

She prides herself on her skill in cooking.


Lin put two slices of bread in the toaster.

You should check your bag to see if anything is missing.

The stars are too far away.

The house that stands on the hill is very old.

You were always a little strange.

You can buy and read any kind of book at any time.

I'm looking for someone who can babysit on Monday night.

Shaw seems to always get along well with Murph.

I wish you wouldn't do that now.

Roland and Olson arrived to Boston early in the afternoon.

Dan likely smothered Linda until she died.


It's hard to admit to yourself that you are a failure.


Are you worried about him?


When I told him I liked the picture, I really meant that.

There are many hotels in the city's business district.

The man dashed the bottle against the wall.

Hyderabad was ruled by a nizam until 1948.

I'm afraid I'm not very good company.

Can you understand the meaning of this paragraph?

We are always aiming at improving the quality of service.

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I told Lester a lot of things that Shahid didn't want me to tell him.

I think the socialist party will win.

At the outset of the long voyage I was seasick, but I gradually began to get my sea legs.

O Lord, who lends me life, lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.

That company is on the rocks because of bad debts.

Look back!

I wonder if Edmund knows where Dori's umbrella is.

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You've lied to us, haven't you?

Before it's cooked, butternut squash smells like melon.

I finally escaped.

Donn finds it difficult to eat with his new dentures.

This beach is dangerous at night.


The problem here isn't him.

I'm listening.

I'm very satisfied.

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I came to tell you that I'm quitting.