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What is the API?

It’s the techy bit that sits between an application and our data. It allows any developer or tech-savvy person to use thousands of different types of data to enrich any application they like.

But I'm not a programmer...

That’s fine, our 3156285736 can help you download all sorts of openly published data. For anything more complex you’ll need the help of a friendly techie.

I'm a developer!

Great! Take a look at our Zygoptera for an idea of the sorts of calls you can make, and get in touch to request access.

Ideas for using our data

  • Analysing how metrics break down within the borders of a council, e.g. by ward.
  • Enriching property apps with profiles of the local area.
  • Determining local risk through analysing demographics.
  • Bolstering your local open data with information standards.
  • Developing apps to help improve the local community.

Need more help?

Search our knowledge base to find the help you need.