Don't leave your dog in the house all day.

Would you please do me the favor of going to the prom with me?

The problem is that we don't have a lot of money.

Barbara isn't wearing shoes.

You cannot rely on politicians.


Her only pleasure is listening to music.

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The chances of victory or defeat are even.


She used a fake identification card to get into the bar.

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Let me hear your frank opinion.

He has some grave defects, but I think he is a great scholar all the same.

She couldn't look him in the face.

Nils told Steen that she had the prettiest eyes he'd ever seen.

Do you want some more bacon?

There are many people in Asia.

"The exam will be held this day week," said the teacher.

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The third star belonged to a certain king.

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His beating four competitors in a row won our high school team the championship.


We didn't talk yesterday.

This is a yellow rose.

We have some doubt as to whether he has chosen the right course.


I went to bed at ten yesterday.

I have a fruit.

I think maybe that was my fault.

Could you send someone up to pick up some laundry?

I like having plenty to do.

Marci is a detective.

This, the first of the miraculous signs, Jesus performed in Cana in Galilee.

Irving's had regular run-ins with the law, and is considered the black sheep of his family.

The keyboard is backlit.

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Rand is interested in jazz.


I want to see your picture.

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The Germans all suffer from acute commatitis.

It is inevitable even if he is criticized.

Do you like Japanese food?


It seems to me that you simply do not want to help the refugees.

Christopher visited The in jail.

In reality, I used to work like a dog.


I don't think Jeanne has ever seen this before.

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In the morning, I like to put honey on my toast.

Stop staring out the window.

It took me a long time to realize I was doing it wrong.

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Did I say something funny?

We just want to play chess.

Gilles and I ate lunch together.

We have to tell Nancy.

I know who stole your diary.

I'm very happy that I can take care of the baby.

Cindy is the only one here who doesn't speak French.


You were a good boy.


You have made the same mistake.

Vladislav's muscles are well-defined.

Don't go away!

In the distance could be heard voices, the slamming of shutters, and the barking of dogs.

He said he'd come and he did.

He lost his father when he was three years old.

That costs 1.5 euros per kilogram.

They are accustomed to hard work.

Neil needs a favor.

Laurel was sent to prison.

Let me speak to Christian first.

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Toyota Corporation announced that it would cut 1,000 positions this year.


Kris forgot to feed the dog.

He is hounding me to find out where you are.

Baseball is by far the most popular sport in Japan.


I am a citizen of Chiba, but work in Tokyo.


This is a grievous mistake.

I messed up.

My arm is very sore where you hit me.

Do you always listen to my phone calls?

We're all going.

Don't forget to clock out before you leave work.

This is one of the most influential novels of the past 30 years.

I couldn't sleep.

Do it now, Angus.

Is it far from your place?

This task is too much for him.

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Our school begins at eight.

Has anyone seen my keys?

She baked me a cake.


We're a very close family.

You did all you could do.

We didn't need any help.

I think it's going to rain.

What did you give him?

I'm going to wear these shoes on our date tonight.

This bridge is three times as long as that bridge.

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Are you for the war or against it?

I know where you can find Israel.

Grass grew.


I had a dream that the police came and took you away.

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They said storage costs were too high.

I live with my uncle.

It was an inside job.

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She wore a beautiful dress.

I don't have anything else to do but wait for you.

She loves him now more than she did before.


Fay is the only boy who doesn't like football.

He gave flowers to his girlfriend for the second time.

Devon jumped high and caught the ball.

I hate computers.

He shook his son by the shoulder.

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One night he came home very tired and sad.

When must I turn in the report?

Do you have any pets?


I don't think that was the problem.

I suppose you'll let them go.

Whether the problem is important or unimportant, you must solve it.

Come back to the party.

Pam pulled off Carlo's wig.

In my neighborhood, houses are now being built one after another.

He was burning up with fever.

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This company is a victim of its own success.


I can't understand why Peggy doesn't want to go with us.

I hate everything about him.

It matters very little what college you graduated from.

He is often late for school.

He was absent from school because of illness.

She plays Bach.

Does Indra want me to call back?

Yeah, I felt bad when we broke up, but I don't lose any sleep over it.

So she isn't new.


Now the lights of the city were bright and very close, and the streetlights shone all night.

There is a sort of neo-classical renaissance.

What kind of tattoo do you want to get?


Tell them I won't do that.


Slartibartfast didn't have all the facts.

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I could hardly close the suitcase.


There is not enough demand for this product.

A good idea came across his mind at the last moment.

She lives in poor circumstances.

Guys, that just wasn't good enough.

I met her an hour ago.


I'd like to go to college.

He left soon after our arrival.

Tolerant got something for Niall.


We've been here long enough.


I can't abide that noise.

The professor gave me a warning for being distracted.

I ate an idli with sambar.


I want something cold to drink.

Japan's changing economic policy is tied up with the labor shortage.

Chuck has never been sick.

That's not very funny.

I saw you talking to Dave.

Please try your best to get along with everybody else.

Konstantinos doesn't have to help me.

Celeste picked up the kids after school.

Arnold could've been anywhere.

You, be quiet!

His novel had a great vogue for a long time.

Do you intend to help us?

I hope I succeed.


Dale walked into the house, carrying a coat.

What did you eat?

I haven't spoken to Max since I left Boston.

We will never yield to force.

He told me about it.