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Learn about how we plan to empower, equip and enable all DLCs to make decisions that meet the object and purpose of the Act.

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The Advisory Group share their experiences to provide DLC members with information to help with decision-making.

Murray Clearwater

Co-Chair DLC Advisory Group
DLC Commissioner and Member

Karen Hunt

Co-Chair DLC Advisory Group

DLC Chair Rotorua Lakes District Council

Message from the Co-Chairs

We welcome you to this District Licensing Committee (DLC) Network website.  This website has been developed by the DLC Advisory Group to support the establishment of a DLC Network to provide a conduit for DLC Chairs, Commissioners and members to discuss matters of common interest and improve the quality of decision making and writing.

We encourage you to join this network of DLC decision makers to enable you to gain access to information that will assist you in your role as a DLC member. Discussion of current case law, mentoring and collegial support are just a few of the benefits to be gained by DLC members.

We urge you to sign up and trust you will find the new forum and the resources of value in your role as a decision maker.

Murray & Karen