We finally know why
the chicken
crossed the road...
  to find lower prices!

Select the store where your shopping cart is located.

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Save money.

Fill your online grocery cart at your own store.
Cart Chicken compares the price
of every item in your cart
to the grocery store across the road,
(Same exact brands and sizes)
showing you which store
has the lowest price
on each item!

No coupons. No mailing lists. No shipping. No hassle.

What's next?
Two grocery lists?


Cart Chicken splits your original grocery list
into two organized lists, one for each store,
arranged by aisle to make your shopping trip easier!

Buy this here.
Buy that there.

And other niceties...

Traveling Lists

Print your lists at home
e-mail them to your phone

List Review

"Must buy two?" or "Limit three?"
We make sure you have the right quantity to get the sale price.

Sort by aisle

Get both lists sorted by aisle.
Save time!

Treat Yourself

Buy yourself something nice
with the savings.

Ready to try it yourself?

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