Judge dismisses debate lawsuit filed by Gary Johnson and Jill Stein

This is why voting third party is not a wasted vote!

The vast majority of Americans think that the two choices for President are awful choices, yet they feel compelled to vote for the ‘lesser’ of two evils.  If we could break this mentality and even at a minimum lie to pollsters we could have some real choices presented to us.  In my state, MA, Hillary is going to win.  This isn’t up for debate.  If enough of us say to heck with the party choices, we can up the 3rd party candidates numbers on election night.  The major parties would have to listen, and just maybe not trot out the same ole tripe 4 years from now.

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Which poop sandwich?

Who’s hungry?

I overheard a political conversation where the two parties supported Trump and Hillary respectively, but only out of distaste for the other Candidate.  One tried using the argument that when presented with two s**t sandwiches, you should pick the thinner one.

I would argue that perhaps when presented with two s**t sandwiches, that maybe making your own salad would be the better option.  If no one is ordering from the menu, then just maybe the menu will be altered.

#voteoffparty, share the hashtag, we were promised change let’s make our own.

Don’t pick Trump or Hillary

First some observations;

In most states in America it’s a foregone conclusion whether the Republican or Democratic nominee will win the General Election.

A large number of individuals have taken to social media to voice their disgust with both candidates, most reluctantly throwing their support to one or the other based on their deeper dislike of the alternate candidate.

Most people are reluctant to not for for one of the two main party candidates as they consider their vote wasted.

So what do we do with these observations?

The choices have only gotten this bad because the parties at primary time fear the rabid base more than moderate middle.  They know that America is voting either Republican or Democrat, and they play to their bases.  What if we had another choice?  This is where we enter circular logic.  We can’t vote for a third party because we’d be wasting our vote, yet we need to get their numbers up so we can have a viable alternative choice.


But most of us live in states that are pretty much predetermined. So even if a large portion of us vote for an off party candidate the General Election remains the same but we have sent a message to the major parties.. A third party candidate is becoming viable, we don’t like the choices you are giving us.

With high enough numbers, they’ll be in future debates… they can start to influence change.  Money in elections could see a weakening in their position, Big lobbies could become less influential.  All the things we claim to hate, we can change by voting off party and not voting for a candidate we dislike… and not waste our vote.  And, this election isn’t altered.

Share this hashtag #voteoffparty.  Lets get it trending, and see if we can influence some change.