Have you ever added an article to Wikipedia?

Slaves were the least expensive form of labor.

We can only do so much.

I was conscious that something was missing.

I wonder if anybody knows how to do this.

Roberta showed Sid around the house.

I don't think this is a very good idea.

She came running to him.

Those was so happy.

I cannot accept your present.

High unemployment and inflation continued.

You should never have let Benjamin do that.

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Why are you chopping the wood?


He lingered in the classroom after school was over.


I like his picture.

He asked that we be silent.

I still have a lot of questions I want to ask you about your relationship with Jared.


This is a very mild coffee.


I ate a large dinner and felt satisfied.


Isabela was my first girlfriend.

How did you know about that?

Is there anything you want to do right now?

Yvonne could've hurt me worse.

I think Mitchell felt a bit threatened.


How many chemical elements compose water?

I've got everything here.

Boston has grown rapidly in the last ten years.


She is always full of her own affairs.


Nothing could induce him to change his mind.

Professor Brown is very pleased about getting his book published.

Who had this ugly house built?

She endeavored to do her duty.

Get Magnus out of here.

Hand over your firearms.

Have you found what you were looking for?

Pat set up a company recently.

Can't you reach the book on the shelf?

I don't deserve sympathy.

I hope that your future activities will expand our relationship with your firm.


He tried his best, but in the end he was defeated.

Helge is afraid of snakes.

I knew I was making mistakes.

That job brings him in an extra 60,000 yen a month.

What time will you come tomorrow?

She is here.

Donne is now almost as tall as his father is.

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We need to be prudent.

He is very sad.

I was hoping I might catch you.

What did you have in mind?

Jim kicked the ball very hard.

I think we're ready to go.

She is well versed in Spanish literature.

Please turn up the sound.

Mother is never impatient with us.

The printer had a paper jam.

My portable computer uses Linux.

Please give me something to eat.

As a result of a traffic jam, he wasn't able to see her off at the station.

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Alberto is a trucker.

I played tennis after school was over.

They arrived in Southern Rhodesia, and there was a choice of an immigrants' camp, consisting of mud huts with a communal water supply, or a hotel; and they chose the hotel, being what are known as people of means.

Oh yeah, I totally agree.

Marnix is busy at the moment. May I help you?

Constantly blowing his nose in allergy season.

In this country there are only few examples that ideology and religion are helpful in character building for people.

May I offer you my chair?

The box was too big and awkward, so I put these in a bag and brought them.

I might need some help.

Do you know anybody who lives in Boston?

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This picture always reminds me of my hometown.

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Jan pointed toward the ceiling.

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I am truly happy for you.


He stopped talking.


Ramsey took Ric dancing.

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I wonder if Urs has ever slept on a park bench.

The rope broke when we were climbing the mountain.

We've got to be out of here by 2:30.

I don't know the reason why he went there.

A river separates the city into east and west.

I'm willing to risk that.

Yes, you can.


You were alone at that time, weren't you?


Susanne arrived ten minutes ago, but I haven't yet him seen.

Let Jurevis try.

Didn't you miss it?

Vincent had to stay in the hospital for three weeks.

You heard coughing, didn't you?


I've got to be somewhere at 2:30.

This engine consumes the most oil.

They were dirty.

Enjoy yourself at the party.

It is bold of you to dispute to her proposal.

I've decided to be more positive and give it all I've got.

I've always been good with my hands.

I need to know the reason why you weren't here yesterday.

Turkeer hadn't counted on this.


The road was very rough.

I'm not ready to do that yet.

Gary was peering out of the window into the street.

There is an urgent need for a new approach to dealing with this problem.

I suppose I could do a lot worse.


May God hear you!

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It's hard, isn't it?


He writes to his parents once a month.

There's nothing Darci would rather do.

I suggest that you write him a thank-you letter.

Columbus argued that he could reach India by going west.

Your letter crossed mine.

It was late at night when Betty finally got home.

Please step out of the car.

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You seem to know a lot about Boston.

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You must appeal to public opinion to win the election.

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I'm a ghost.

My father hates the summer heat.

All books may be divided into two classes.

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Ramadoss is a self-employed plumber.

I cannot inflate all these balloons.

I thought you were going to be in Boston tonight.


He got drunk and became talkative.


The boy cried "Wolf, wolf!" and the villagers came out to help him.


He says that he saw nothing. However, I don't believe what he says is the truth.


You have to go talk to her.

I'm not going anywhere with you.

I made a few modifications.


She listens to him.

There are a lot of beautiful places in Japan.

Sedat kissed Theo on the neck.

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Soldiers currently in theatre will not be made redundant.


This coffee shop is cozy.


A cat sleeps on a chair.

This just isn't like you.

You are completely wrong.

Don't bend your elbow.

I think I have a lot of tartar.

No one has the right to tell me what to do.

Not everyone was pleased.


It took me a while to find her.

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Do you think Knut looks like his mother?

Things have gotten a little busy recently.

We don't even know for sure that Vic will be here.

When I contemplate the sea, I feel calm.

Why do you worry so much?


Lately I've been sleeping at night. From like 1 or 2 to 9 or so.

I'm going to get myself something to eat.

So, what else did Alvin tell you?

Things are not looking good.

I've been getting a little sunburned, too.

We hope that you will succeed.

She was jealous.

Say it clearly in a loud voice.

She got off the bus and ran towards him.

Graham can't swim as fast as Wayne.

She went crazy with fear.

Mario twisted the knob and opened the door.

I prefer fish to meat.

How do you spell that word?

We have to think about it.


Are you looking for her?