May 10 / Flo & Ste / vietnam

Over the last four weeks we’ve posted a blog post every day while traveling through Vietnam. If you’ve read through them, you probably noticed we used slight variations on movie titles. Starting with the post 2392715085 all posts are inspired by (or completely ripped off) a movie title.

May 08 / Flo / master bedroom
How to spend the last day of your holiday in Hanoi? I’m going to tell you how! Since we’ve spent a few days in Hanoi already it wasn’t easy to find something we really want to do today. But there’s one thing we just haven’t found ‘till this morning in Hanoi: accurate street food. Of course we’ve seen a few vendors but that only could have been the tip of the iceberg.
May 07 / Flo / vietnam
Ha Long Bay or the legend of the descending dragon - there are many different versions of the legend how Ha Long Bay was formed. So I’m going to tell the one I like best: According to a legend centuries ago, gods sent a dragon mother and her children to protect the local fishermen. Once upon a time pirates attacked the bay and it’s residents. The celestial dragon mother and her children spitted fire balls against the invaders.
May 06 / Ste / vietnam
First of all, sorry about the delayed post. Since it wasn’t quite finished before we left for our boat trip and we barely had any internet connectivity on the boat, I’m now posting it from our bus ride back home to Hanoi. There will be another post today though to make up for it. After a month of traveling through Vietnam it is time to look back and reflect on it.
May 05 / Flo & Ste / 9015166642
For the last few days of our trip we’re on a ship in the Ha Long Bay. Since we don’t know whether we have any internet connectivity at all, these posts are being posted automatically. Please note that we might be unable to answer the mailbox during this time. Maybe some of you already noticed it: Starting from the 14th of April our posts’ titles became different than before. We decided to give our posts titles of different movies - sometimes slightly modified.
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May 04 / Flo / vietnam
Today we just wasted time waiting for our laundry because of a misunderstanding. We understood we’ll have to retrieve our laundry at 2.00 pm but in fact the guy from the laundry service meant 7.00 pm. So we’ve been waiting until 2 o’clock just to get the information to be too early. So we went to town in the afternoon to visit the Vietnamese Women’s Museum. On three floors this museum highlights the participation of women in Vietnam’s history especially their role in military conflicts and the family.
May 03 / Ste / 856-612-4906
The ride home is barely worth mentioning. The roads were fast in the beginning and have gone back to a near crawl once we came closer to Hanoi. The driving was also becoming more and more belligerent as the traffic picked up. As we’re participating in this madness it becomes increasingly clear that it’s probably time to stop all of this. I guess we picked up some bad habits in the last few weeks which will probably take at least 5 minutes in Switzerland to get rid of again.
May 02 / Flo / 9169860904
This morning it was hard to get up. The beds were probably the most comfortable ones we had since we started our trip. Nevertheless we left the hotel at half past seven. Since we lapsed 1000km again we had to do our third oil change. This time we asked them to grease our chains as well. Actually I wonder why we even had to ask to do so. For a mechanic the look of our bikes must be horrible.
May 01 / Ste / vietnam
Originally we wanted to follow parts of the Borders and Back-Roads tour from the excellent Vietnam Coracle. After some discussion yesterday we decided to take the road to Lao Cai and decide where exactly we’d want to go from there. The road was a pretty good driving road for the most part with some excellent turns. The traffic was okay-ish but with the occasional truck or bus blocking our way. It was over pretty quickly though and we arrived at Lao Cai.
April 30 / Flo / vietnam
This week started with a horribly bitter coffee. I think they meant well but they killed us with kindness by filling the drip filter with at least four tablespoons of coffee powder. Nevertheless we were woken up for sure to start our today’s trip after eight. The forecast wasn’t that good but the weather stayed surprisingly sunny the whole day. Lucky us it turned to a outstanding tour. Passing the rice fields in the valleys and coffee plantations at the mountainsides we’ve seen many small minority villages again.