Globalized leisure competitive game blockchain platform

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Our Mission

FIS is a brand new platform established by combination of the traditional leisure competitive game and the advantage of block chain technology, which not only enables users to enjoy excellent experience of game playing, but also provides solutions for the promotion of digital currency. Innovative business model will enhance the value of currency, increase the number of users, and trigger the fission of nodes. It will build a virtuous circle between game platform, currency issue partner and currency user to achieve a multilateral win-win.

Global pioneering of game mining

Clients who participate in FIS game platform can earn FIS Token through playing game with more playing and more Token gaining. Clients can lounge their boring time, while to create prosperity of the platform. Thus, users taking roles of both contributor and reaper enjoy the benefit of platform growth as same as all holders of FIS.

Arrangement of platform advance

Stage 1: Proprietary product - game mining

The main profit of FIS platform in its initial running stage is from the service charge of proprietary leisure competitive game, besides that the purchase of VIP member, props paying and the award from clients are the other parts of platform profit. Meanwhile, the platform returns partial profits to clients by game mining to generate an advanced experience to attract more users.

Stage 2: Platform operation - universal mining

With a mass of clients and vendors enter into FIS platform, a well consensus of the platform created by them achieves increasing supporters, which promote development and scale expansion of the platform that its business will turn to focusing on trading service and operation support. Profit source of FIS platform converts to petty service charge of token exchange. Moreover, clients can still gain FIS token by game mining when they play. All accounts from diverse games and multiple tokens can use, consume and exchange within the platform. The cost of sign-in is reduced in FIS platform, as well as revenues made from one game can be used in another, in which diverse tokens could become more valuable and circulated in FIS ecosystem.

Function of FIS Token

  1. Game fuel: except the free token gaining competition model , clients need to pay token to play other game models.
  2. Stock rights: people who holding FIS token are the shareholder of the company, which can participate on company’s decision-making by vote.
  3. Value add: Holders of FIS Token can gain profits through increased token value.
  4. Circulation: FIS token can circulate within the platform and other Exchanges.
  5. Payment: clients who adopt locked position, purchase different rank of VIP and improve hashrate in the game platform can continuously receive profits.

Core Business


Digital currency wallet system more safety and reliable


Game hall system problem solving project of diverse products access uniform API interface new product top-speed online


Exchange within platform simply and conveniently realize exchange between diverse tokens


Game public chain platform grasping base technology sustainability optimize ecological coin problem


FIS unites global virtual assets, exchanges and cooperative partners to create powerful link and mobility for users.