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Gifts & Giveaways

Here you will find our contracted articles for gifts and give aways.
The assortment is approved by Brand Communication and is the result of input from different parts of Tetra Pak. All items have the Tetra Pak logo.
Please note that if you choose to make a purchase outside the catalogue, you are not following the recommended process. This will result in increased costs for Tetra Pak and will be followed up with compliance reports.

In case you have a need for an item not found in the standard catalogue, please reconsider your need before placing a freetext requisition. We all have a responsibility for keeping costs at Tetra Pak low.

If you have questions or miss anything in our catalogue,
please contact 1100 Help Desk

We will consider your input at the next revision of the catalogue.

A "Last minute" range
of products can be
found in Support Centre
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