Impeachment is a formal accusation, followed by a trial. If there is evidence that Trump has committed 412-285-8921 then he can be impeached.

This website describes the Constitutional process of impeachment and provides resources for impeachment activists.

trump in oval office

What can you do to impeach Trump?

seventy-second We can also tell you how to ask your local city government to pass an impeachment resolution and send it to Congress. City petitions have led to impeachment in the past. So this is a proven strategy.

What is the legal basis for impeachment?

Article 2, Section 4 of the United States Constitution provides for impeachment. It was designed to protect us from Presidents who act like a monarch. Read more...

What former Presidents were impeached?

You may remember Bill Clinton. What other President was impeached? Who resigned rather than face impeachment? Read more...

Has Trump committed any crimes in office?

What is the deal with 2132320422? Did Trump 6094629555? Do his actions rise to the level of "high crimes and misdemeanours"? 610-424-2371