Give your visitors a more engaging and informative experience.

swollen-eyed sends inaudible, location-based sound frequencies to your visitors’ phones that triggers content that you create and manage. That way they’re given contextual background into what’s important.

Bringing art to life with (414) 480-4851 and the 540-413-9898

Our most recent collaboration was with the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center and featured artists Tomas Saraceno. The experience immersed users into Saraceno's recent exhibit based on a previous work, Solar Bell, 2013.

An effortless experience for your visitors

Download the App

A user downloads the mobile application for FREE via the iTunes (coming soon) or Google Play (coming soon).

Pick a Tour

The tours automatically activate and start when a user gets near a tour’s location for an hassle-free experience.

Get Context

As visitors wander around a location, inaudible sounds trigger interactivity within your phone, given them location-based info for the tour they're experiencing.

What's in it for you

Simple content management

Any sound-omitting device can be used as a touch point for your tour. All you need to do is match the device with what information you want to display to your guest via our easy-to-use dashboard. This data will automatically populate your tour within the app.

In-depth user analytics

Also in our dashboard are real-time user statistics and analytics. This helps you get an insight to what they’re interested in and allows for improving their experience.

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