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XPT (X-Point) and Bitcoin are Perfect Complements

Bitcoin (BTC) is the king of cryptocurrency and the "Digital Gold" many believe. But it is far from the ideal digital cash for micro transactions due to its transaction fee and speed. XPT is designed to work with Bitcoin to fulfill its initial purpose of providing individuals and businesses with a fast, efficient and secure way to make day-to-day direct transactions.

XPT and Bitcoin are Fungible

XPT and Bitcoin are interchangable at 1 Bitcoin = 1,000,000 XPT. You can turn your Bitcoin into XPT and vice versa anytime.

XPT is Designed for True Micro and Even Nano-Transactions

Ultra-fast transactions with close-to-zero transaction fee. XPT allows brand new business opportunities to flourish, which will benefit companies carrying out large volume transactions between users and systems.

Be in Control

Spend and game with XPT directly and conveniently with peace of mind. The secure digital currency's merchant operation support utilities prevent risk and uncertainty in transactions.

XPT is Ready for Mass Adoption

Designed to be scalable, XPT’s development team has put tremendous effort into its accessibility, ease of use, distribution and incentivization.

How to Buy XPT?

Create your XPT wallet and press the BUY button

1 BTC =
1,000,000 XPT


What is XPT?

XPT (X-Point) is a digital currency that is interchangeable with Bitcoin at 1 Bitcoin = 1,000,000 XPT. You can turn your Bitcoin into XPT and vice versa anytime.

How much Bitcoin 1 XPT equals to?

1 XPT (X-Point) = 0.000001 Bitcoin. Also equals to 1 μBTC (you-bit) or 100 Satoshi.
* Satoshi and μBTC are common units of Bitcoin

What are the advantages of XPT over Bitcoin when used in transactions?

Bitcoin transactions are slow and costly. Therefore it is better off as an digital asset than as a digital currency. Meanwhile XPT brings to the table ultra-fast transactions with close-to-zero transaction fee, making it the perfect complement to Bitcoin.

Is XPT an inflationary coin?

No, the total circulation is capped.

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Merchants and businesses of all kinds have come to value the benefits that XPT brings. If your organization would like to know more about accepting XPT as a method of Bitcoin payment for your goods and services, please contact us at 5092662159.


Please email 260-579-6504 for any media, events or business inquiries.

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