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Turbo-Charge Your Site's

Your Web site either makes the sale, or it doesn't.

Ninety-nine out of one hundred sites don't get the order.

We blame that on gun-shy, suspicious, scared Web-consumers.


This book is about joining the one in a hundred

who know how to sell on the Net...

It's about getting the order.

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No matter what you want your Web site to sell,
Make YourSite SELL! (MYSS!) shows you how,
like no other book or program ever has.

When you use the experience-proven strategies in this digital book, you will attract motivated, targeted customers to your Web site. Then you will sell them. Period.

If you already have a Web site, MYSS! will show you how to convert it into a killer sales machine.

If you don't have a Web site, but are planning one, terrific! No errors to correct. MYSS! will show you how to convert a blank piece of "digital paper" into a site that SELLS with cold-blooded efficiency.

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It's All Under Your Control

Launching a Web business is far simpler than a "real-world business." To succeed in a Web-based venture, you only have to make good on three STEPS, each one directly under your control...

  • STEP 1 -- Develop a great product -- position it for Web sales.

  • STEP 2 -- Build a site that SELLS with deadly effectiveness

  • STEP 3 -- Attract targeted traffic to the site.

If you nail "The Big 3," your Web biz must succeed. Period. There are no other variables.

Of course, the "catch" is that you must succeed at all three!

MYSS! focuses on STEP 2, making your site SELL!  "Experts" (writers who've never sold anything) have written books on site design, on technical implementations, and on countless other e-commerce topics. But this is the first and only book that says,

"Here... Here's how to make your site SELL!"


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