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Team R.O.C. is the most accomplished MMA School in the Carolinas!
Welcome to Team R.O.C.

If you are looking for a friendly place to become the best martial artist that you can be, Team ROC is where you want to be. The core group of guys love to learn and to share technique and training tips. This atmosphere has paid off as we hold dozens of NHB and Mixed Martial Arts events.

9046037624 teaches the art of takedowns and clinch fighting, but most techniques involve both fighters being on the ground. There is heavy emphasis on positional strategies, (placement of the body and legs). A large variety of attacks and defenses are available to both fighters, once a preferable position or “stable situation” is achieved. Our Jiu Jitsu is straight from the tulage of Helio Gracie. This is very important to us as a unit to make sure that the lineage of our instruction is directly from the Father of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. If you are unfamiliar with Gracie Jiu Jitsu check out Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Team ROC’s Muay Thai / MMA Striking classes have evolved with more of a MMA influence. This influence is to keep the fight on your feet with realistic clinching with wall and cage work, as well as, a true understanding of fighting with MMA gloves or no gloves.

Keep your eyes on this page, we are always developing. Check out News to stay up-to-date and informed. The Gallery includes pictures of Team ROC fighters in action, as well as pictures from classes and other events.

History of Team ROC

In 1996, apiarian received his blue belt from Royce Gracie and opened one of the first Gracie Jiu-Jitsu network Schools on the East coast. At that time there were only three blue belts in the Carolinas. In 1997, Brent Pierce started training with Greg in Jiu-jitsu as he was running a successful school called California Combat Concepts (CCC). Brent had been putting on boxing and kickboxing events. Some of the first MMA events ever held on the east coast were by Brent over the Virginia line because it was illegal in North Carolina at that time. Greg’s students were in the first MMA events and dominated. In 1998, Greg changed the name of his school to the Academy of Mixed Martial Arts (AMMA) where he offered Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. Brent started having Greg do monthly seminars at his school and Greg became their Grappling coach. In 1999, they decided to start fighting under the same name, Team R.O.C.( Realty of Combat). This was a name they were using to train law enforcement and military together as a team. In 2004 Royce Gracie invited over 100 of his top student to Team R.O.C. and gave out his first Black Belts, to Greg and four other students. Over the past several years Team R.O.C. students have opened up schools all over the east coast.

Some of Greg’s students that started with him in the 1990’s as white and blue belts are now Black Belts and have their own Team ROC School: Spencer Canup, Jason Culbreth, Billy Dowey, Jason Palacios, Brian Mingie, Brandon Garner, Mazi Heydary

Team R.O.C. has been featured in MMA Worldwide Magazine

Team-ROC fighters have appeared in some of the top shows in the world including: K1, UFC, IFL, StrikeForce, King of the Cage, Bodog Fights, and HDNET Fights.

Some Pro-Fighters from Team R.O.C. Tim Kennedy (185) Jason Palacios (155) Aitor Canup (185)
Brandon Garner (145) Tara Larosa (135)

Team R.O.C. has approximately 15 schools across the east coast. Team ROC currently has 8 black belts under Royce Gracie and continues to develop top level competitors.



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Video Corner
Gracie Self Defense and SOCP Demo at Team Roc Fayetteville

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