It’s the end of summer, but happily, New York City is at its best in the fall, and fall is at its best in New York. From seeing the leaves change on a stroll through Prospect Park, to catching a glimpse of Fashion Week, to partaking in the spectacle of the legendary Halloween parade, visitors […]



You love a good statistic, and here are two: over 52% of American adults had tried cannabis at least once as of a 2016 Pew Research poll, but only about 7% purchased cannabis products at least once a month. That means that most of us have been relying on the kindness of our generous friends […]

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Millennials are often described as, sometimes even mocked for experiencing a lot of feelings, especially anxiety. That, however, isn’t the full truth. In reality, people across the age spectrum are feeling more anxiety now than they ever have in the past, and the trend is especially apparent in younger Americans. According to the American Psychological […]

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Ask a group of average adults what comes to mind when they think of marijuana, and we’d wager you’ll get “the munchies” as one of the top responses. It’s a classic, nearly iconic part of the stoner stereotype, and one that we think is ripe for reinvention. Before thinking about how to modernize munchies, let’s […]


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Have you gone through life feeling a pleasant tingling in your head that seemed to be triggered by certain types of sounds and wondered what that was all about? No, neither have we, but this is a sensation that enough lucky individuals seem to experience that it has been given a name: Autonomous Sensory Meridian […]

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