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After carrying out numerous of surveys we found that "There's My Card" was the most popular phrase used when you hand over a business card to a client. We also discovered how easily and how frequently people run out of business cards.
So here at "There's my card", we came up with a digital business card that has many benefits

Environment friendly

Choosing our sharable app, does good for our environment as it saves the trees and prevents deforestation.

Cost Saving

Share your contact information as much as you wish, without the printing costs of business cards.

Keep clients updated

Never worry about outdated information on your business card. Your clients app will always be upto date with your most recent information



Your new sharable app can be made to suit the needs of your company.

Cross platform/

With our unique device detection platform, your shareable app works with all modern Android and Apple phones.

Clean Layout/

All cards are whitelabled as we do not advertise our company on your cards. There are no popups to interfer with your clients needs.

/Share Quickly

Quickly share the app to your contacts via SMS or Email. It's quick and easy, all you have to do is decide on the contacts you wish to send to

/Intergrated maps

Add locations to your app. Our platform intergrates Apple maps and Google maps so your clients can use their mobiles satalite navagation to your office or shop


Our platform can support peronalised cards for your employees that comes with an intergrated photo and position details

There's My Card is continuously being developed. Get a sneak peak on whats coming.

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