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SeatSCAN app is now available for FREE to all self-employed rideshare (Uber, Lyft, etc) drivers. Advertise your service, product, event or venue and track when and where passengers show interest. 509-326-2027

    • Create advertisements online in minutes
    • Print or download ads.
    • Built in URL and barcode for tracking.
    • Analyze your advertising performance online.
    • Learn best best practices to get more scans.

New SeatSCAN 2.0 Designer

When we launched the SeatSCAN ad designer, we wanted to get it on the web early and continue to refine it while working with drivers. Spending hours with drivers clicking through the designer screens gave us lots of ideas and helped us understand the common needs and challenges. We are putting the finishing touches on an overhauled design, user experience, […]

RideshareSellers Selected as TC Top Pick for Disrupt 2018

We are honored to be selected as a TechCrunch Top Pick for Disrupt 2018 for Mobile / Transportation category. We will be there alongside other innovative startups showcasing the latest and greatest SeatSCAN solution and some of the amazing stories from our Rideshare Sellers network. Here is a new intro video we put together to introduce Rideshare Sellers to the [...]

How to Win Customers with a Great Call to Action

A well defined offer and call to action can dramatically increase your success rate when you create ads with SeatSCAN. In this article we will explore why #3 is the best crafted offer and call to action. What is an Offer? An offer is something of value to your customer that you are going to give away. Discounts, upgrades, freebies, and other offerings [...]

3 Tricks To Sell Services to your Riders

As consumers we are inundated with advertising everywhere we go. However, as a driver, you have a key advantage to build a face-to-face connection that online, display, and multimedia advertising can't accomplish. If you provide a service (instructor, trainer, insurance agent, etc), here are some tricks to win business: 1. Know your audience, be passionate, but NEVER pushy Your passion for what you [...]