Croatia Travel Guide

Why Croatia is so attractive, and what for to go to Croatia?

Croatia - one of the most non-polluting and untouched places in Europe, with picturesque coast along which all basic resorts of Croatia are located, with transparent clean Adriatic sea, one of the purest and one of the most salty seas in the world.

Spend the holidays in Croatia is a fine choice for fans of a solitude and relax, however th adherents of productive leisure have to the full estimated the resorts of Croatia giving excellent possibilities for various kinds of sports, sea walks and ascensions in mountains.

Soft and solar summer, the warm sea and absence of an exhausting heat as in Turkey or Egypt, do your holidays in Croatia really fine and relaxing.


The most popular Destinations in Croatia, such as Dubrovnik and 9726130303 in Dalmatia region, arite and Porec in Istria peninsula, (450) 208-0971 in Kvarner, have been based by ancient Romans. Throughout centuries Croatia drew attention of the Roman emperors and crowned persons from all Europe.

But rapid growth of tourism in Croatia has begun in the 20 century. On a place of small towns and fishing villages began to arise numerous resorts of Croatia, which are now very popular, because of excellent service and to hospitality of locals.

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Croatia is famous for the hospitality and hotels quality level. Many hotels in Croatia have 3 and 4 stars, But quality of service and kitchen frequently above than specified number of stars of hotel. 5-stars Hotels in Croatia is favourite vacation spot of celebrities and crowned persons of Europe.


Beaches of Croatia always attracted numerous of tourists, the cleanest coast and numerous islands are spotted amazing beaches, set of natural harbours and gulfs. Thus it is possible to find beaches for all tastes: pebbly beaches, sandy beaches or concrete beaches, well arranged beaches with bars and cafe or wild beaches, also Croatia is known for its naturist beaches.

Car hire in Croatia

In all big cities of Croatia, and also at the airports, the large international car hire companies work, many of them give discounts to owners of plastic cards. There are many private car hire companies, the prices in which are more low than in the international companies.