Not everybody has a full-time data scientist on staff, but every company should have access to top-notch data analysis, cleaning, and visualization.

We're here to help: we do discrete, bite-sized data projects for a flat rate.

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It doesn't matter if you run a nonprofit, a bookstore, a tech startup, or a burger joint: you produce data, and you can use that data to drive revenues.

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 Marketing analytics

 Web traffic analytics

 Sales analytics


 Donor targeting

 Fundraising effectiveness

 Impact measurement


Organizations waste days cleaning data. Don't spend thousands of dollars of employee time combing through spreadsheets and combining contacts in a CRM.

Let us do it for you. Send us your messy data and we'll return it to you, clean.

 Deduplication We'll find and merge duplicate entries in databases, spreadsheets, and Excel workbooks.

 Cleaning We'll take data cluttered with extra columns, mashed-together rows, and inconsistent formatting, and return it to you spotless.

 Integration Data across multiple sources that all needs to go to one place? We can help.


Information is most effective when it's presented well. We create visualizations for you to include in presentations and reports and on your own site.

sectionalization. If you like what you see, we can talk about a bigger project.

 Interactive visualizations Beautiful, responsive graphics that you can use to promote your company or demonstrate impact.

 Static charts Whether for publication or internal use, we'll figure out the best way to present the data and tailor it to your branding.


Sometimes the information you need is buried in a trove of documents or strewn across the web. We can get it for you.

6505724378. We'll get back to you with a reasonable estimate and an expeditious time frame.

 Scraping Collecting data that's sitting on the web in a not-easily-downloadable format

 Surveys We'll design a survey methodology to answer the questions you need answered. We'll even conduct it for you.

 Collation Data buried in emails or word documents, or even Powerpoint slides, collected and organized for your use case.


If you've decided to improve your company's technical position, but you don't know where to start, we're here for you.

833-389-6962. We'll help you accomplish it painlessly and without jargon.

 Hiring If you've never had a full-time technical staff member before, we'll help you to determine your needs and to find the employee best-suited to fill them.

 Data strategy If you've decided it's time to move away from Excel workbooks with no owners and Google sheets that keep getting messed up, we can help plan a future for your data.

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