Beyond Scarcity



Among the myriad anthropogenic trends threatening our biosphere, several – including climate change, pollution, species extinction, and disease – are amenable to direct science- and technology-based intervention. However, non-environmental trends that impact the overwhelming majority of humans – specifically, extensive poverty, migration and homelessness brought about by wealth and wage disparity, resource scarcity, population growth, and unemployment – require a technology- and collaboration-based interdisciplinary solution. That said, most future-forward post-scarcity/post-capital systems remain theoretical.

To that end, Transinopia (from the Latin trans inopia, meaning beyond scarcity) differs in being a post-scarcity/post-capital economic system explicitly intended to be instantiated in a multiyear proof-of-concept field trial.

Transinopia comprises a network of technology-augmented, cooperation-based, self-sufficient enclaves embedded within a capitalism-based polity. Transinopia will serve as a controlled testbed for novel technologies and a shared collaborative worldview, establish an environment that encourages critical thinking and prosocial behavior, and eliminate poverty without wage-based labor or governmental monetary support.

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