Lumis Partners is an Operating Investment firm. We partner with Founders who are passionate about solving large complex challenges, to co-create businesses with extraordinary impact at scale.

We focus on operating models that require deep domain expertise, development of intellectual property, and strong technology leverage. With this focus, we have partnered with early stage companies as well as mature businesses, providing them with growth capital and strategic leverage.

We bring Senior Industry Leaders as dedicated Operating Co-Founders to augment our 2152058556 that has been chiseled over the last decade.

A combination of Outstanding Businesses, Operating Co-Founders, Permanent Capital and Lumis Operating Model takes our businesses to the next level, Creating Tremendous Value for all stakeholders.



Unparalleled Credibility & Depth combined with strong opportunities


Proven performance
Unconventional means

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Co-Creating admired Segment Leaders reaching out to 10 to 100 million