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03 April 2015

Check out these man-up plays. To see the videos of these plays as explained by the Kudda coaches, log into your account or join Kudda today. Series of Man-up Plays for Boys Lacrosse from jrice81


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A Series of Passing Drills for Girls Lacrosse

A Series of Passing Drills for Girls Lacrosse

31 March 2015

Looking for new passing drills for your lax practice? Check out these drills from the Kudda video library. Passing and Stickwork Drills for Girls Lacrosse from jrice81

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Breaking Down the Backer Defense in Girls Lacrosse

Breaking Down the Backer Defense in Girls Lacrosse

30 March 2015

Many thanks to Jessy Morgan, George Mason University Head Lacrosse Coach, for sharing the various aspects of the Backer Defense. To see the principles of this defense, watch the video below

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Using the Invert in Boys Lacrosse

25 March 2015

Coaches, if you are looking for ways to make the defense uncomfortable, to change their slide packages and to make the defensive middies have to play from behind their goal, consider using an invert style offense. For more specifics see the following slides as well as logging into your Kudda account to see the videos [...]

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24 March 2015

Listing out all of the skills that you want your lacrosse players to learn each year should result in a list of 40-50 skills, depending on the age group. The following slides point out the steps needed to create this Skills Inventory. Skills inventory for Lacrosse Coaches from jrice81


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Why Games Are Lost: Coaches Don’t Teach Shooting


23 March 2015

     One of the most important skills in sports is the ability to shoot. Being able to hit those three-pointers and shots from the outside in basketball, or beating the goalie in soccer, lacrosse or hockey is what determines the outcomes in games. Some will argue that defense determines the outcomes but if you can’t [...]

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The Poisonous Culture of Youth Sports

The Poisonous Culture of Youth Sports

22 March 2015

     Two articles came out this week that really go after the poisonous culture that has evolved in youth sports. The focus of both is how the youth sports have become controlled by adults and how this is causing The Race to Nowhere as coined by one of the authors, John O’Sullivan. The added pressures, [...]

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Do you Practice SKILLS or Game SITUATIONS?

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15 March 2015

Do you practice skills or game situations?      As I continue to look at the practice plans of coaches, I notice that most coaches focus on practicing Game Situations. Their practices are the ones that jump from one situation to another situation. For basketball, they may go from a transition drill to a defensive rebounding [...]


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