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Device Management Center

DMC is an intelligent management platform that supports standards-based management functions to enhance customer satisfaction with increasingly complex mobile devices and services.

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Back-Office / Admin
Customer Care
Customer Care / Advanced features
(307) 783-4326
Sicap-Mobile (fr) Front-Office / Self Care
Real-time Analytics Tool


Enterprise Mobility Management

Sicap's Enterprise Mobility Management suite enables organizations to integrate and manage mobile devices in their IT infrastructures.

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Enterprise Mobility Management


Profiling and Campaigning Tool

Targets subscribers in real-time to run a campaign processing a specific scenario.
TargetMe, the power of simplicity !

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(908) 783-5590


Multimedia Messaging Gateway

MMG is a carrier-grade platform, linking mobile service providers applications with mobile users and their devices.

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Backoffice  |   563-443-4222  |   SMPP connector  |   (907) 319-3946

DMC Cloud

Device management in the cloud

DMC cloud service delivers online help for feature phones, newest smartphones and for most tablets.

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DMC cloud / Self Care
DMC Cloud / Device Resource Server


Help authorities to protect subscribers

SAFER is a new global security solution for MNOs and MVNOs. Operators can protect their clients effectively, for example, in the case of loss, theft or misuse of the equipment, on the one hand. While on the other hand, Safer can provide public security.

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SIM Configuration Over The Air

SIM OTA is the secure and flexible platform and over-the-air gateway which remotely manages, controls and monetizes SIM cards in MNO GSM and LTE networks and NFC environment.

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(705) 558-3679

Value Added Services

VAS platform

The VAS platform is an innovative future-proof Application Server that enables direct connection to 4G/IMS based on SIP as well as connection to legacy TDM based networks.
Sicap's services on top of the VAS platform are easy to use and are available to all end-users, on all phones and from any location.


Shopping over USSD

Connect untapped users to e-commerce, quickly integrating with any existing e-commerce web-site for customers to discover products and shop without data.

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USSD service

Virtual number

Additional phone numbers

Calls and SMS with virtual and personal call numbers! Different phone numbers for different usages without extra SIM cards or phones.


USSD Menu Browser

More than just a USSD gateway, UMB powers highly interactive content menus for efficient and easy access to self-care and Value-Added Services.
Early top-up, social networking, banking, targeted services and much more...

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USSD Tails

Advertisement over USSD

A new revenue stream, stimulating the adoption of services with targeted promotion! USSD Tails appends advertisement messages to USSD services based on subscriber's profile, usage, behaviour and location.


Reverse charge calls

The solution to everyday prepaid credit problems, regardless of the subscribers device, their roaming status, or their credit balance.

Machine to Machine

M2M Toolbox

The M2M Toolbox is an flexible and smart solution for service providers to easily and quickly build any vertical M2M/IoT application.
A unique solution to connect any device, enabling secured M2M communications, big data, real-time analytics and reporting for multiple customers and various applications on a single platform.

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(805) 252-0224