Radio Tower Engineering was established in 1990 initially installing and maintaining large microwave links for most of the carriers such as British Gas, British Telecom and at the time the Scottish Directorate of Telecommunications who funded the emergency services.

Extensive knowledge and expertise was developed from prior work with British Telecom, then the largest user of microwave communications.

Expansion into the new and rapidly developing mobile industry followed and this is the current fast moving and technically demanding area in which we operate, in addition to the foregoing, where microwave is still a major and increasingly important heavily loaded traffic carrying medium.

Today RTE is seen as a safe and reliable contracting partner, supplying experience and expertise in the construction, installation and advanced test and measurement in the world of radio communications engineering.

Radio Tower Engineering have extensive expertise that was developed from prior work with British Telecom then the largest user microwave communications.

Radio Tower holds CE Conformity for fabricated steel Click Here to view the certificate