About the Project

The automotive industry (i.e. car and motorcycle industry) is often a benchmark for other industries and anticipates developments. Its distribution is mainly organized through small and medium sized enterprises. However, there is a rising number of automotive dealer bankruptcies each year in Europe. Moreover, environmental changes are strongly influencing automotive customer needs which force dealers to adapt to the rapid changes in the consumer market. Topics like green mobility, Web 2.0, generational changes, Basel III, rent a vehicle, etc require new skills and a broader knowledge of dealers.

The project aims therefore, at identifying skill deficiencies and improving skills of automotive dealers as well as better preparing students for their future careers in sales and distribution, specifically in the automotive sector. It will last till September 2014, is being co-financed by the European Commission (i.e. EACEA - Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency) and consists of the following major activities and work-packages:

  • Broad analysis of challenges and dealers‘ skill deficiencies on a North-South axis of the participating countries (Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy).
  • Development and use of an online tool for self-assessment of the target group (dealers and students).
  • Development and testing of new teaching and training materials for identified skill deficiency areas by the use of new media and applied approaches (videos, case studies, etc).
  • Design of an entire training module tailored for dealers and a major for business studies to meet the current and future challenges.
  • Hold of a final international conference presenting all results and inviting other training and higher education institutions to contribute with materials and expertise.

All results that are developed (reports, assessment tool, training and teaching materials, modules, etc) can be downloaded for free.

Participating enterprises and higher education institutions:

  • KTM-Sportmotorcycle (Austria)
  • Snap-On Business Solutions (Great Britain/Germany)
  • Å koda Auto University (Czech Republic)
  • Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy)
  • University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (Austria)
  • University of Gdańsk (Poland)

DNDS Consortium


Final Conference

Seeking Dealership Excellence Through Research and Training

Marketing, New Media, Finance and Management in the Automotive Industry.

September 10.-12. 2014, Ancona/Italy

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