Where were we?

He went through many hardships in his youth.

We can do a lot better.

A good education doesn't imply a good upbringing.


Although Roman is sick, he's swimming again today.


Didn't you read the prospectus?

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Gregge was sentenced last October.

Kyung is kind of crazy that way.

I am thankful for technology.

What country is Jason in right now?

I never for a moment imagined that I would win.

Wade looks cute no matter what she wears.

Gigi hoped the medicine would work.

Physically, the two men were very different.

We'll not tell you a thing.

What color are Dawson's eyes?

I visited her with a view to giving a piece of advice.


Jayant doesn't want to hear it.

We can't start second-guessing ourselves.

She went on to lay out two more parks in the town.

The president was quoted as saying he would like to visit Japan soon.

Ahmed probably thought I liked Boston.


Something similar once happened to me.

They began using their power to become rich.

I'll be back tomorrow night.


I called her today.


It is a great privilege to be with you in Tatoeba.


Raphael got paint on his shirt while he was painting the fence.


What? Is there something stuck in my teeth or something?

What do you expect me to tell Jesse?

As far as I know, he is an honest man.

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I've got nothing against waiting, but after two hours I'm feeling understandably a bit impatient.

Potential flatmates should know the worst about each other.

I couldn't sleep because of the noise.


Earnie understands our system.


At noon he has lunch in an Italian restaurant.

They have plenty.

I want to do this the right way.

The fish smells bad.

You must not eat too much.

Hamilton's dog runs behind me.

I'm sure Nicolette won't want to do that.

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You look like a monkey.

What can we possibly give him?

I came here to talk to them.

I sharpened a pencil with a knife.

Amigo is a very competitive guy.

How long will you be staying here?

I want to have a word with her.

It never gets old.

Is there life before death?

There is an urgent need for the local government to help the homeless.

Whose pizza is that?

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He found a dog abandoned in the wood.


Why did the chicken cross the road?


I can't live on my own.


I'll give you something to help you sleep.

You must not forget that she is as young as you.

Other times, other manners.

Stagger told me that I could use his car.

A bike path collapsed in Rio.

I've loved you since we were teenagers.

Did I have a choice?

We consumers must buy more domestic products.

I like them all.

Christopher Columbus once stared at Medusa, and Medusa turned to stone.

My mother died when I was a child.


Ross is having fun.


She has two sisters. Both of them live in Kyoto.

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When did you get married?

We're the same size.

I'll stay out of it.


The value of the dollar is going up.

The man who wrote this book is a doctor.

What was it for?


Jelske was just doing his duty.

The post-war economic development of vanquished nations can be rapid if they are not looted by the victors. For this there are two reasons. First, everything has not been destroyed: some things are merely broken; and a relatively small effort of rehabilitation is multiplied by the value of what remains serviceable. Second is the disabling of entrenched power structures, which often stand as a bar to progress.

My brother has found a solution.

Born in a poor family, he is anxious for wealth.

I got those pictures you wanted.

Who's going to drive?

We should use the fireplace tonight.

I'm used to having my own way.

It was about twenty dollars.

She is not being careful.

Let's find a place to put your luggage.

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Darrell wasn't upset by what Stanislaw did.

I need to change that bandage.

Beckie bought a very good camera.

"How many questions did you get right?" "Zilch."

Shane doesn't seem to get it.

Where will we go?

A gulf divided him from them.


I had complete mastery over my feeling.


Why are you wearing those handcuffs?

My best friend is like a brother to me.

You'll be perfect for this.

Judging from the expression on her face, she is worried.

I thought you'd end up going to the party with Shatter.

I pay my own way.

The is extremely fast.

I think it would be more fun to go together.

Let's at least talk about it.

The people of Atlantis had advanced technology.

In 1964, Rev. King won the Nobel Peace Prize.


Please read the whole story.

That soon might change.

Have you been having problems with Cathy?

We're grateful for what you did.

How should I know?

Many thanks for the meal!

Jakob came into the kitchen.


I need a haircut.

Allen promised Hitoshi that he'd be more careful in the future.

Ross, you should see this.


He stayed as many as ten days.

This is the best thing I've heard so far.

Jurevis is a little odd.

Randall decided to help out.

I was just wondering if you'd heard anything from Irving.

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Kathryn doesn't like Susanne, but I like her.

He was a difficult man to contradict.

We applauded his honesty.

The Romans are famous for their aqueducts.

Fay didn't really like Audrey all that much.

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I am short of money.

You can't blame yourself for that.

To try to change men by law is just like trying to change your face by getting a new mirror. For men make laws, not laws men. The law merely reflects men as they are, as the mirror reflects your features.

While he found math difficult, he found talking to girls even more so.

He entered the bank disguised as a guard.

What do you miss most?

Local people wouldn't be caught dead here.

Don't give up now.

I guess the answer is yes.


Come, let us take our fill of love until the morning; let us solace ourselves with loves.

If I have time, I'll drop in.

I respect my teacher very much.


She wore pajama pants to school.


Wade's car is still parked out front.

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She beamed at her baby.

Pradeep made many mistakes.

The murder suspect's version of events did not ring true to investigating officers.

I'm concerned with Laurent's safety.

He's digging his own grave.

His wife kicked him out of the house.

Don't crack a nut with a sledgehammer.

Polish girls didn't want Justin Bieber to come to Poland.

Stagger thought Will knew where to buy black pepper.


I found out Uri has a criminal record.

I had lost my purse, so I couldn't buy the cassette.

It is a weird Mexican novel.

But I love sleeping!

Will he live?

He is as lazy as ever.

I used a ribbon to tie my hair into a ponytail.

We were delayed in Boston.

I've been to America twice already.

He rested for a while.

I couldn't help her do that.

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"Why do people have to pay for good sex at this point in time?" "Because there is no adult entertainment."

They sent him to prison in 1925.

I shot one.

She gave me moral support.

Here is our answer to your fax message dated April 1st.