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  • Between my second and final years of university, I packed an unbelievably huge suitcase and flew four thousand miles away from home to the city of Vancouver, Canada. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done, especially as I was doing it alone, leaving behind my family and friends with only Skype and messaging to keep in touch.
  • If you're looking for unique experiences and a fascinating, under-explored culture, Japan is the place. Tokyo has an extensive, punctual public transport system connecting you to all corners of the country – mountains and beaches are just two hours away; life-changing food, the politest people, and almost no petty crime. A lost wallet will be returned with everything still inside.
    United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan
  • Milano is a city of marvelous Renaissance art and architecture - with a history dating back to 700 BC. Modern-day Milano is fashioned around the Duomo (one of the largest and most awe-inspiring Gothic cathedrals in the world) and La Scala (the renowned opera house). Charming trams, pebbled roads, a bustling music and cultural events calendar, multi-ethnic cuisines, amazing graffiti, swish tycoons - you find them all here.
    Universita Bocconi, Milano
  • The city of romance, Paris, has also been home to some of the greatest thinkers of our time. Durkheim, Foucault, Comte, de Beauvoir are among the few that regarded this city as home. Nestled among the numerous cafes and museums lies the Institute d'etudes politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). More than 140 years old, it has traditionally educated France's political and diplomatic elite. It is located in the heart of Paris with the Notre Dame, Louvre and Eiffel Tower just a few blocks away.
    Aditi Sahay
    Sciences Po, Paris
  • I discovered a copy of “Tuesdays with Morrie” lying on a bench at a park on Singapore’s Tanjong Katong Road. I thought somebody had forgotten it there. Later, at another park I saw another book on a bench. Once people finish reading their books, they leave them in the park for anyone else to read. That’s how books in Singapore travel. I have tried it. It works just the way I thought and heard it would!
    Ayesha Gurung
    MDIS Singapore


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    Founded in 2004, Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings provide a comprehensive list of the World's top educational institutions. Taking into account criteria like international diversity, teaching, research, and citations, THE rankings help students zero in on where they want to study. Here are the top 5 universities from 2018 THE Rankings:
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    On 8 March, we look at 7 prominent Indian women who studied at some of the world's best institutions and went on to become great successes. Happy International Women's Day!
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    The TU9 is an alliance of nine leading German research universities. These nine institutions award 57% of all doctorates in engineering. More than half of all the engineers in Germany, who have a university degree, have studied at one of these institutions. And 10% of all engineering students are at TU9 universities. The TU9 are also popular with international students who constitute 15% of the student population.
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    Did you know that all 8 government-funded universities in New Zealand are in the top 3% (top 500) worldwide? Each enjoys a global reputation in certain specialized areas of study. Here is a view of each institution, with information about its academic strengths based on the 2017 QS World University Rankings
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    There was a time in the history of the United States when Ivy League education was reserved for men. With the rise of feminism, enabling women to attend quality institutions became important. Thus, seven liberal arts colleges for women were founded in the late nineteenth century.
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