Seth Christiansen

Salt Lake City


When I'm not working, I enjoy commuting on my bike, building computers, playing games, and thinking about big ideas.

I'm driven by passion and attention to detail. My objective is to acquire technical skills by working in mission-driven environments in technical fields, especially web development and operations.



Launched this site for the purpose of learning how to use a virtual private server to host a static website. This site also showcases my work and ideas.


Designed campaign website for client with focus on minimal design and one-page scroll. Created a custom logo for the campaign for use on the site as well as printed promotional materials.


Web Developer


Develop websites and create custom designs for clients using a straight-foward and mobile-first approach.

January 2018 - Present

Lab Aide/Tutor

Salt Lake Community College

Provide tutoring and one-on-one learning experiences for students in the fields of web development and graphic design. Help realize the vision of the Media and Web Design Technology program by maintaining an atmosphere of learning and quality learning material.

June 2017 - Present


Art House Cinema 502

Analyzed video and audio output for films, worked with film companies to record and analyze sales, purchased materials to maintain relevant product selection, processed invoices, and regularly updated social media venues.

January 2014 - May 2016


Salt Lake Community College

Certificate of Proficiency
Computer Science - Web Programmer
August 2016 - October 2017

Layton High School

General Studies
August 2010 - May 2013


Programming Languages & Tools I Can Use with Confidence
Programming Languages & Tools I Am Learning More About
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Testing & Debugging; Searching & Learning
  • Getting Stuff Done from the Command Line
  • Not Being a Fanboy of "Framework X" or "Technology Y"