If you are a public-sector organisation looking to deliver affordable housing, SONAS can help you realise your vision. SONAS by Robertson Partnership Homes and Scape Procure will assist you in costing your projects.

The SONAS Toolkit by Robertson Partnership Homes and Scape Procure, will assist you in creating and costing your development. We are supporting local authorities, housing associations and developers to meet the challenge of the current housing crisis. We have developed SONAS, a standard, affordable housing product that offers a quick route to completion which is offered at a fixed price excluding abnormals. This solution offers a quick build, cost certainty and high output.

Quick Build

Cost and time savings with robust, refined pre-designed options

Fixed Cost

Building control type approval is currently being obtained and will make planning and building warrant process quicker

High Output

Building elements are repeated throughout the house type range, increasing certainty of cost and programme

Quote 2

“It certainly makes our role as the client easier when the contractor and their design team understand the aims and objectives of what we are trying to achieve, and ensure that the project is delivered on time and on budget, and when the quality we are striving to achieve is realised if not exceeded.”

David Milton, Hillcrest Housing Association Ltd (on Abercairney Place, Blackford)

Quote 1

“The houses are modern, fit for purpose, and energy efficient, delivering on our commitment to warmer, drier, healthier homes that aim to tackle fuel poverty and improve living standards.”

Councillor Judy Hamilton, Fife Council’s exec colorg services