The truth of it is.

Today is the First Day of school and as stoked as I was to have the kids go back after Summer, the truth is, I was kinda sad.

Maybe it’s the transitions, I’ve never been good with transition.  The in-between adjustment times. I didn’t really know this about myself until I had kids but I tend to stress out a little in these times, and so does this guy:

That’s sorta a half happy crooked smile on him.  I was pretty sure the way this morning went, we weren’t going to be in the classroom at all.  I even yelled at him because he refused to get ready.  Sitting back I am realizing he must be a little like me.  If Elias is going to go sideways on us it’s usually during an in-between time.  Although, I have a feeling that it doesn’t just go sideways in those moments.  I bet something is happening a lot sooner in his brain and I need to pay more attention to that.

As I watched FB this morning and all the happy pictures of others peoples kids I wonder how many of those smiles are forced, like Elias is forcing the one above because he’s expected to.  I wonder how many parents felt the struggle this morning, but just put on the happy first day of school smile.

What truly makes me happy is the hearts inside of each and every one of these kids, even when they go sideways and don’t let me get a first day of school picture.

Now I’m sitting here sobbing like a buffoon because I remember the first day of school. I remember HOW it feels, I remember the struggles of trying to fit in and wanting to be liked.  I didn’t like it and I don’t want my kids to have the same experience.

So the truth of it is, I am not a huge fan of school and I struggle with imposing my feelings about it onto my children andallinthesamethought I also struggle with how to be sensitive to what they are feeling and influence them in a positive way.

In the past week I’ve had 3 people tell me they miss my blogging and stories, that made me feel really good so I think I may start sharing my thoughts here again.


He’s 6 The Interview

So we totally missed interviews last year.  I suck, I know.  Here is the first one to kick off birthday season, hardwired for sports I tell you.

Really, I only wanted to just show the picture below.  It’s so rockstar it makes me very happy!  I’ll be posting pix of his little family party, soon.

ELIAS’ 6 year old interview.

What do you like most about yourself?
-I play sports.  Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Handball.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
-When I did the Hat Trick last season in my soccer game.

What would you like to be when you grow up?
-A Soccer player

What is your favorite thing to do?
-Play Sports

What is your fondest memory?
-My Hat Trick.

Who is your hero?

What is your favorite movie?
-Rise of the Guardians

What is your favorite food?

What are your hobbies?
-Playing baseball, basketball, soccer, Drawing and building things.

What do you like best about school?


We are completely back in the swing of sports… 2 playing baseball, 2 playing soccer. 5-6 games a week, we live at the filed in one capacity or another.  Thy Hubby has been GREAT at helping to schlep the boys off to one practice or another in the craziness that is our life!

Lucas seems to be coming into his own these days; a bit more quiet, thoughtful and pensive. I can see him striving to be “good” in everything he does.  His self motivation and discipline are a total surprise that I didn’t expect from this boy and I’m enjoying the fruits of our labor watching him grow.   It’s not big things that make me proud, but the littlest of things.  He gets up in the morning, gets dressed, makes his bed, has breakfast, pulls all of his stuff together and heads out the door.  The nagging has stopped on my part (for now), I don’t have to ask him a million times to do something, and right when I am about to get upset about something…I go to find he’s already done it.  I think he’s figuring out life for him is easier this way. It’s strange the way my mind works, I actually started to worry that his spark was getting a little wet by being stuck in the middle of the other two boys.  I don’t want him just to fade into the background.  Must be aware of that…

Seeing him play, reminds me the fire in him is still there.  It burns bright, like I hope it always will.


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