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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance is an essential tool in today’s fast-paced life packed with uncertainties. It is a great tool to help protect your loved one’s in case of a mishap, plan for a future stage in life, savings in the long term & Tax saving.

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Health Insurance

MEDICAL costs have been rising fast over the years. The health cover that you bought a few years ago, might not be enough at the current stage due to rising medical costs. The real problems starts when you cross the age of 50, as this is the time you need health cover the most.

Motor insurance

Motor insurance

You have spent you hard earned money to purchase your dream vehicle. Now let’s protect it too. Motor Insurance is essential to avoid the financiallosses that one might incur due to an accident or theft of your prized Automobile due. By Law, Motor Insurance is an mandatory pre-requisite, for all vehicles, in order to drive them around the varied landscapes of our beautiful country.


Reasons Why You’ll Choose DirectInsure


Saves time

DirectInsure helps you save time at every step of the process. Browse, compare, select & pay instantly to purchase an Insurance plan from wherever & whenever.


Lower, Accurate & real-time Premiums

DirectInsure compares quotes from India's leading insurance companies at once - showing more options than your average insurance agent. We work directly with the insurance companies to get them for you. Our partner Insurers save on distribution channel expenses, infrastructure and other overheads and we are more than glad to pass on the savings to you.


Ease of comparing

The beauty of buying from DirectInsure is having the time to understand, research and compare products from various insurance companies. Browse through our various online plans, compare features and review crucial parameters to understand the performance of the plan and the insurance company.


Do-it-yourself/We are ready to Help

Buying from DirectInsure allows you to experience a high degree of flexibility. You are in control of every aspect of the transaction – from comparing and short-listing of a product to form filling to making a payment. DirectInsure provides access to our experienced team of Insurance experts who can guide you whenever required. Whether it be understanding insurance jargon or the policy fine print that make your head spin, DirectInsure would help you understand to make an informed choice.


Paperless process

DirectInsure is intuitive and engaging website. Once you choose a policy, you need to fill details online, upload the required documents through an easy and secure user interface. There is no need to create photocopies, seek certificates or courier documents. It is a hassle-free process tailor made for your convenience.


Safe, Secure And Simple

Transactions made & data sent between DirectInsure and its partners are fully encrypted using 128 bit SSL to protect your security and privacy. Rest assured your safety is our responsibility.

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