I know the exact time when that happened.

I was alone.

It was Mehrdad who came to help us.

I wasn't making fun of Pat.


No one caught on to the joke.

Beth will not allow Chris to kiss her because he is terribly dirty.

Deb is forgetful.


I know where Claude is hiding.

I've kind of gotten used to living in a tent.

The atmosphere in the room was hot and smoky.


Small things amuse small minds.

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I'm not talking about him.

Are you sure you can swim that far?

I'm really sorry I doubted you.

They made love wildly.

I have a report to write tonight.

Her eyes are rolled back.

We're a group.

Billy rolled the window down.

Do you believe in eternal life?

They'll build a house.

He hurried on to make up for lost time.


Linda came into the building.

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Please give me a cup of water.

I'm not big on sports.

She laid her head down on the pillow.


I'm sure you'll never regret it.

I don't know when Cathrin got married, but I do know he got married.

I can't call him.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word 'set' has 430 different meanings or senses.

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Back away from Wayne.

I have difficulty learning languages.

At worst, I will get an average mark.


I looked at my bank account book, and happily discovered that I had an extra $50!


Can you spin a basketball on your fingertip?


I brought you some more books to read.

You are very handsome and always so strong.

The piece was arranged for piano and orchestra.

We are anxious about her safety.

I am not making them weak.


Don't let him do it alone.

Should I watch Six Feet Under? Do you think it's any good?

I would've volunteered.

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Samuel and Hazel stopped hugging.


I had difficulty getting a ticket for the concert.


He confessed the fact.


The year after I graduated from college, I was finally able to find a job.

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The chances are that he has not heard the news yet.

Using a limited number of existing logograms from natural languages, you can create a new language, complemented by a set of phonograms.

Casey didn't get along with the other students.

They are still looking for the child.

You can't let her suffer.

A song says a girl's mind is variable.

I ate a slice of pie.

Get off my car.

Don't make me laugh.

I have personal matters to settle.

Even though she rushed, the elderly woman missed the last train.

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Are you two not getting along?

This book counts among the best of his work.

My pencil fell off the edge of my desk.

The ice contains bubbles of the air from each year. Scientists analyze the bubbles in each layer to see how much CO2 they contain.

From the coffee table photo book to the bathroom factoid anthology to the bedside escapist novel, American literature is designed to match the furniture.

When Michael is at home, his work is to clean the windows.

He was satisfied with the interview.

I want you to go with him.

What's a joke?

How can this be?

Gunter began to leave.


Caleb looked hungry.


The price is double what it was last year.

I'll have your baby.

Hi, Mimi! How are you doing?

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Could you lend me some money?

I lost my credit card.

Herman and Theo talked about what they should do with the money.

Everyone should be wary.

When did you two start dating?

Franklin posted an unboxing video, but it's extremely boring.

They've planted jasmine and an olive.


Where should I park?

Wolf looks like a weight lifter.

Rod likes reading magazines.

Lend me your car for tomorrow.

Most of the adults there were swimming with their children.

The old bear is fast asleep.

There are several customers in the restaurant.

Don't tell her anything except the absolute truth.

Her tastes in clothes are quite different than mine.


Grant seems to have lost consciousness.

I was astounded by the news that Johnnie won the first prize.

I just haven't gotten to it yet.


We need to reduce labor costs.


Never hesitate to have time off whenever you want.

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We could continue.

I wonder whether a person can live on only two hours of sleep a night.

Tell her what you just told me.

Wendi was obviously very disappointed.

He made a great fortune in his lifetime.

Dan finished his shift at eight o'clock.

He knows how to find water in the desert.

The dog ran after the rabbit.

It's a novel by Zola.

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In order to finance the war, bonds are issued.

How many are you?

These shirts are both the same size.

Everyone here knows you can't trust Hon.

Please remind me to turn in the paper.

This game has you battle against hordes of evil stoats.

There's only one place Charley could've gone.

Why is Hohn in such high spirits today?

I used to live in Kobe.

I was born in Boston.

Laura promised not to tell Tanaka.

Does that make you angry?

You don't know what he told me.

Marsha isn't my boyfriend. He's my cousin.

We are both adults.

Why isn't it good?

It's estimated that, over our lifetime, we spend up to six months standing in queues.

The rent can be a bit expensive, but something nearby would be best.

All we can do is wait for the police to arrive.

The cat hissed at him.


An empty stomach doesn't help on the mental front.

In fact, this does not seem to be true at all, except in a very trivial sense.

The lake's water is as smooth as a mirror.

I know your being here means a lot to Giovanni.

Snowboarding was actually a lot more fun than I expected.

They enjoyed singing songs.

I have a chest pain.

The game will probably be canceled.

The war was now over.

Sylvan received the highest grades in the class.


I quitted playing the guitar.

I had no friends in Boston.

It seemed appropriate.

See you at 2:30.

Pass the fare.

The candles made the room bright.

Please don't be fooled.

Go see them.

When air dries, it makes thirsty and cough.

I hope that your parents will allow us to marry.

I think my new neighbor's name is Miriam.

I love him more deeply than any other man.

Terrence became popular.


I understand Panzer.

He's been working all day long.

I can't understand why you don't want to eat with Raif.

Don't ever compare your wife to another woman.

I need some writing paper.

I told you it was dangerous.

I have nothing to declare.

Joyce can eat just about anything.

Tony can run fastest in our class.


I wonder what it would be like to be a millionaire.

We have to study for our exam.

God created you.


Bryan, look at me!

Robert was never in any real danger.

That dress makes you look fat.


Go risk your head and think a thought which now no one has had yet; go risk your step and walk a way which now no one has trod yet; that Man may build himself, and not be made by other objects.

Byron has periods of debilitating depression followed by bursts of manic activity.

I'm certainly not your friend.

The sun is above me.

Welcome home, little brother!