I went there times without number.

I haven't taken a shower in three days.

The show is just starting.

Lynnette was my first crush.

Let me get you a ticket to the concert.

Aren't you lonely without your friends?

I really don't know what to suggest.

He might be our new teacher.

I always have to check my yard for stagnant pools of water so mosquitoes don't breed there.

I'm not setting anything on fire.

Don't make me ask you again.

The man pleaded self-defence.

Manny asked me if I had a black tie he could borrow.

Lorien abandoned that idea.

It's hard to keep up with you.

What language was that?

I haven't had a vacation in years.

She was dressed to kill.

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I tried to warn you that Vijay was looking for you.


Wow, you're so lucky!

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I had assumed Serdar would be here today.

I want to eat something.

Different associations have criticized the Government's actions.

Nathan has already done everything we've asked him to do.

The new school year begins in April in Japan.


I ended your sleep.

I don't know whether George will come or not.

This site is ideal for our house.


Let's see if we can find our way home.

The number of visible stars is very great.

You're not bleeding.

She smiled at me, whilst she sang.

There isn't much room.


This fresh raw fish is delicious.

Don't treat me the same way you would treat a child.

He is serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife.


Let's go and get Jimmy.

Sex is any man's favorite, most enjoyed hobby.

I came in third.

I was lying on my back.

I don't sing to them.

That meeting couldn't have gone any worse.

What do you say to a bus tour next Saturday?

This book seems easy to me.

There wasn't a hurricane, but the house doesn't have a roof.


They think the owner of the house is studying abroad.

Only they know what they are saying.

If he hadn't taken that flight then, he would be alive now.

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Please sit still.


Ghost towns are not completely unpopulated, are they?

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It's not like you have anything better to do.

Is this diamond real or fake?

Dawson is going to be waiting in the lobby.

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That dog is loved by the whole family.

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We have closed out this year's model.

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Would you stand up, please?


It may just turn out to be nothing.


You're quite a skilled negotiator.

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Even if all it manages is to get part way, it will "tap you on the shoulder" and alert you to its conclusions.

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When the little girl was eight years old the mother fell ill, and before many days it was plain to be seen that she must die.

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Fatigue is the natural result of overwork.


I'm angry that she didn't call me.

Changes in the country are inevitable.

Do you usually talk to Johnathan in French?

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The sheep in the field are eating grass.

It won't be long before my husband comes back.

I've had less than three hours of sleep in the last forty-eight hours.

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I will go for a medical.

I think I know that guy.

Vice wanted Elizabeth to bring him a cup of coffee.

What he said was that he was satisfied.

What a lazy teacher!


So this is New York.


Do I have to fill out this application form in French?


You're a brave woman.


Hugh stopped digging.

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Brodie stood steadfast in his decision.


I'm best at math.

Phiroze is usually much busier than Leila.

The judge concluded that the prisoner was innocent.

Congratulations on your win!

I hope that Jeanette wasn't mistaken.

I hope you didn't lend Knut any money.

The coxswain egged his crewmen on, and made a winning spurt at the last lap of the regatta.

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I'd really like to know where Woody is.


The idea is not new.

He told me I was cute.

You're all crazy.

Roger Miller entered the United States Army at the age of seventeen. He was sent to an army base near Atlanta, Georgia.

We were running out of disk space due to a configuration issue.

To grasp the full significance of life is the actor's duty; to interpret it his problem; and to express it his dedication.

What was the first song you ever wrote?


That's why I don't approve of your plan.

He knows no English, not to mention German.

You know I can't wait any longer.


Raj wants to be a professional musician.


This street is dark.

He owned up to his fault.

Reiner's face reddened.


Christmas shopping is way too stressful.

That was totally rad.

The manager made an apology for having been out.


There are many sentences about DNA, but none about RNA.

Her absence went unnoticed until the end of the meeting.

For some reason, it's not working.

I plan to spend the New Year's holiday in Australia.

She's just acting disappointed.


She is fond of playing tennis.

This wine has a good bouquet.

In an almanac you can find information about the phases of the moon.


We had a great evening yesterday with my brothers and my friends, and the barbecue was very good, too.

The per capita consumption of rice of Japanese people is about half of what it was fifty years ago.

The field was rank with weeds.

By whom did you get this English composition corrected?

Blaine and Isidore like to gossip about celebrities.


The foreigner didn't know Japanese at all.

Isn't this the girl you were talking about?

Was the new version easy to install?

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Shamim will be glad to hear that.

It is generally believed that he was innocent.

After his argument, they expelled him from the club.

Paris did her best to defend her liberties.

I'm not satisfied with the quality of your work.

Toft died early Monday.

Most of the time I dream in text.

The wind died.

Srinivas showed up late for class.


A trip to America was equivalent to a two-year salary for her.

The notebook is lying on the table.

His face was disfigured by horror.


We still need to buy some bread.

Troy is lying unconscious on the floor.

Dani doesn't seem to understand what's going on.


Nate wouldn't want that.

Steve is going to have to do that sooner or later.

Marty must've escaped.


Now, when everything is gone, we still have the memory.

Allen looks really goofy today.

Who isn't writing the text?


The tiles that fell from the roof broke into very small pieces.


The temperature has suddenly dropped.


Tell Those to wait.

I don't want you to hate me.

The audience sobbed throughout the climax of the movie.

I am glad to help you.

I gave it to her yesterday.


That's very cool.


Would you care for some tea?


I had no idea you were so good at playing the guitar.

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She hovers over that child like hen with one chicken.