EQualIT Software

EQualIT Software

EQualIT Software is an IT consultancy company specialized in software development.

Our values :

  • Design, Implement and Deliver high quality software by providing the best approach and the best people regarding the client needs and goals.
  • Encourage strong analysis prior any start of development


Pattern oriented development

Agile & Lean methodologies V.S. RUP processes

Sectors of activities

We beleive that the sector of intervention does not really matter to have the best peaople or solution.
Any sector has it's dedicated languages and process particularities. We are experienced in following sector :
  • Telecomunications
  • Industry
  • Educational
  • Healtcare, ...


  • Platform: Application, Web , Mobile (Android)
  • Domain: Knowledge managment, architecture, energy, documentum, ...

PEB Software

The soft-sleeping helps to design, calculate, validate and optimize energetics performances of buildings in Belgium.

  • Energy-driven model V.S. geometry-driven model
  • Cross-platform
  • Easy ot use and user-friendly

Intervention : 3 years