Do you know the secret of a long life?

I am meeting him next Friday.

I just roughly allocated it to each function.

School was fun today.

Maybe we can do something to help.

Japan trades with many foreign countries.

There are three cases where people are not able to do English questions; the first is not being able to read fast.

At first I paid little attention, but slowly my interest awoke.


I really like to watch Power Rangers!

Wake me up when you get home if I'm asleep.

I don't like the way Rajeev is acting.

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It is a prevalent belief, according to a nationwide poll in the United States, that Muslims are linked with terrorism.

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I should've known better.

Dieter was only three minutes late.

Ross paused a second.

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I'd like to know how much the meal was because I'd like to pay my half.

What part of Betty Grable's anatomy was famously insured for $1,000,000?

You took an airplane from Paris to New York.

Marcos has done it.

You've got a fever.


I assume Leigh is up to no good.

I must find him.

I'll be at home tonight.

Don't do this again.

He taught history at the school.

Why do people like golf?

You shouldn't have talked to Jeannie.

It'll take a long time.

Walt doesn't know why Laurel isn't here.

Why are you being so mean to me?

Do you have any other secrets I should know about?

I was a fool to trust you.

The drawer is stuffed full of odds and ends.

Will you give me a light?

Carlo used a page of dot points to jog his memory when he made his speech.


I can understand him perfectly.

Do you smell something funny?

I didn't know Nguyen and you used to work with Jamie.

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Cat is puzzled.

Andrea chased the thief.

Do you want to be left out?

I don't see what's changed.

It's obvious that he's right.

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Take your hands off my neck.

You didn't miss the meeting.

Ann doesn't want Vernon to sing at his party.

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Julianto had a look of determination on his face.


I'll bring you up to date with hometown news.

I can't believe Avery would do that to me.

I'm trying to figure out where we met before.

Tandy can explain it.

Soon, in the great theatre, the lights will be put out, and the empty stage will be left to ghosts.

I kind of enjoyed doing that.

Takayuki isn't an old man.


My wife works as a nurse at a local hospital.


Customers stopped coming to our shop.

I couldn't help Novorolsky.

Jef and I had dinner together when you and Saul were visiting Boston.

He showed me the way to the store.

How's everybody?

When will you return the money to me?

Roxie came over for dinner yesterday evening.

All at once there was an explosion.

You don't need to get all dressed up. It's an informal event.

A combination of parties formed the new government.

The holidays always end all too soon.

I don't know why you're so shocked this happened.

Did you hear the roar of the lions?

We can count on his vote.

Heidi was wet.

This doesn't seem to be a serious problem.

Shag rugs were popular in the 1960s.

I don't want to go back to school. I wish summer vacation would never end.

It wasn't just me.

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He accompanies his words with blows.

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I study math as hard as English.

It's about time you went to school.

Once you enter a company, you have to work for the company, whether you want to or not.

There's someone waiting for me.

Such a custom is characteristic of the British.

She put on her sister's jeans and looked in the mirror.

I thought maybe I could help.

I want to move here.

Please try to understand.

They really loved each other.

Sridharan told me you were happy.


Put the book back where it was.

She can say that again!

This is an eye.

I just got a letter from my girl.

I don't want to miss the party.

He adopted the orphan.

It's worthless junk.

Some say that speech is worth silver, but silence is worth gold.

That would make a great gift.

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He carried her luggage to the train.


You two should get married.

Tokyo was really wonderful and the welcome the Japanese extended to us was also just as wonderful.

The repairman is working in the corridor.

That was huge.

I need more information on this matter.

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They sell that at a hardware store.

Why don't we all sit down?

Clare lives in a three-bedroom house on the outskirts of Boston.

Did you know that Tove Jansson is not only mother of the Moomin, but also a extremely gifted artist?

That sounds hopeful.

Did you pick one yet?

Are there any good movies being shown this week?

I need my powers back now.

Even if it rains, we will travel.

But they never lose their way.

One cannot embrace the unembraceable.

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I just hope I didn't bore you with my story.

All of my kids want to learn how to speak French.

Stephe has things on his mind.


Brent has all but given up.

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Louie isn't himself anymore.

What do you love about him?

Close your mouth.

I apologize for being late.

Don't make things tougher, please.

Put the book back where you found it.

This is particularly important when considering which product is right for you.

An office machine is cranking out a stream of documents.

Is it good or not?

I can still walk straight.

Could I get a discount if I pay in cash?


By the time the senator finished his speech, the audience had lost interest.


Can you mail this letter for me?


Why do you wear your hair like that?

What did Leon do to Guillermo?

Konstantinos, there's a bee on your head!

There is a lot I can't do until tomorrow.

In comparison to strawberries, pineapple also tastes good out of a tin.

We get a lot of requests.

I can't sleep, and I'm just looking at the clock.

She stayed there for several days.

She was a Wakahata before she married.


Everyone believed me.

The rain had a good effect on the farm crops.

I believe in Jesus Christ.


I'm looking for my camera.


He was a soldier in Korea.

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I phone her every evening.


Canada is not a paradise.


Bullying is a serious problem, but we have to understand that setting out to eliminate it entirely isn't a realistic proposition.


Let's see what's on TV.

That's an item from a famous company.

We must learn to meet adversity gracefully.


At last, he gained his end.

Leslie is at my place.

She and I get on well.

Were you able to talk to Sylvan?

Is that significant?


They're all talking about his death.

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I'm sure Michiel told you Jan wanted to come to the party, too.

That flower has a strong smell.

Fruit and vegetables should make up over a third of the food we eat each day.

Heroin is a drug.

You must bring the full glass with you.


Hillel was wearing a white shirt.


I can't really do that.

We need to figure it out.

How did you get to be so cynical?