name: antonia pappas
age: 26. born: september 20th, 1985.

been thugged out since cub scouts.

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artist statement:

What if everything is the same?

Just a mesh?

A net, of everything that encompasses it all?

The whole universe?

Then who are we?

And how do we fit in?

Within this mesh that the universe has lain out for life to cultivate one can say that everything in the universe is related, the microcosm with the macro.

Today we tend to see time as linear and think that we are a highly advanced and sophisticated civilization, but is it not possible we have forgotten something? Are we not so closely related to our past, our history? Should we not consider that humanity has spent thousands of years trying to accumulate knowledge in hopes of intellectual growth? What if the Mayan's understanding of time is valid? What if 'time' is actually cyclical? What if everything is cyclical and round, like a spiral galaxy, like the Milky Way, what if what we think we know, is really naive what if we've all been walking around with eyes so wide that we just see the illusion, the system, the video game we have made for ourselves to play. In this video game we get options, we can take the good quests or we can take the bad quests, making our characters who they are. What if we have become so lost in this 'matrix' and have become so focused with our personal histories that we have lost our ability to see the strings of light that connect us, the light that makes us, the light that connects us through time? What if we feel alone but really we are connected through some invisible force, is that not possible? Have you ever sat thinking of someone needing to hear from them more than anything and as you sat alone in pain the phone rings and your mom asks are you ok? What if we have closed off a part of our mind? After all there's a huge chunk of it that most of us don't seem to use.

We are just a puzzle piece in the 3D puzzle we have created for ourselves to see.

And within this puzzle, there are twist and turns, good and bad, health and sickness co dependencies and love. We make our lives, like we make our paintings, we make choices, we weigh our options and we make decisions, do we take our time and let it develop and grow or do we rush through it carelessly placing shapes and colours anywhere?

I have been working with the idea that everything is connected. I have come to the realisation that paintings grow, just like the planet or the universe and they are constantly changing and in flux. Nothing is permanent but everything is connected.

Everything is related and grows out of this mesh.

Time is too vast and long for these last 5000 years to be the only cycle, the planet will sit after we are gone and the alterations we made will slowly turn into a new world, a new system, a new life. Depending on the seemingly random conditions life is spawned, just like in a painting a world is made.

These abstractions mostly started as 'brush cleaners', with seemingly random conditions allowing the time for each picture to grow, as the oil dries, I see new lines and shapes and I am able to go back and forth from each support adding or taking away all the while allowing for my universes to grow. These abstractions are self portraits the shapes and lines relate in my head to the twists and turns that are taking place in life, they are not planned out before hand they come from a drive, a need, and a concept. They grow with time from me looking and seeing something in the paint, they come from the random and then as the composition builds they are honed. They grow, they have texture, they are me, but they are more than me because when I'm lost in them it doesn't feel like the motions are coming from me but from the strings of light that connect us all through history.


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what: artwork at montréal's nuit blanche
when: saturday february 26th @ 7pm until sunday february 27th @ 7am
where: studio 530 - the belgo - 372 sainte-catherine st. w., montreal

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